A beginner’s guide on how to build an LTE/4G network drone.

4G network drone

It is a beginner’s guide on how to build a 4G network drone. This guide assumes you have experience on how to build a drone but need more information about how to fly a drone on a 4G network. You also need to know Linux and use command line.

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is for px4 flight stack. If you are using ardupilot, some descriptions are not fit for you.

Table of Contents

  1. The 4G drone config
  2. Set up a headless Raspberry Pi
  3. Installing 4G USB modem to Raspberry Pi
  4. Install ZeroTier
  5. Wiring and connect Pixhawk to Raspberry Pi
  6. Install and setup mavlink-router
  7. Set up video streaming
  8. Offboard control drone using mavsdk (coming soon)
  9. Setup the SITL (Simulator)
  10. Why does the QGroundControl not connect to the Raspberry PI?

My 4G network drones

My sample of flights on the 4G/LTE network

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