I’m a web designer in Hong Kong and love DIY multi-copters with pixhawk controller and PX4 firmware. I bought my first multi-copter 3DR Y6 in 2014, and lost it after a month! It was a lesson I learned a DIY multi-copter is not a plug-and-play toy : p, I have a lot of things to learn in this field. After that, I started to build my multi-copter from frame, including ZMR-250, QAV500, Navio+,  Skyhero Spy 600, Parrot DISCO (my first plane), Pxpi (first custom-build airframe). It is a blog to record my study of multi-copters/planes.

I like to fly on the 4G/LTE network. It allows me flying to anywhere even behind a mountain or building. I want to share my experience in learning the G4 network drone and created “A beginner’s guide on how to build a 4G network drone.” on this blog.

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RC Bellergy – [email protected]

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I also uploaded some of my aerial videos to Pixabay for free download.

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